The Various Type of Orchids 2

Orchid is one of the prettiest flower in the world that has many variations of species. Maybe this is one of the reasons that is why many people love orchids.

Until now, orchid has more than 25,000 species and more than 100,000 hybrids. But actually, according to some sources (including wikipedia), orchid can be divided into several types based on the type of growth and its growing place.
In my previous post (The Various Type of Orchids), I said that there are three different types of orchids based on where they live; Terrestrial orchids, Epiphyte orchids, and Lithophyte orchids. Now, I will tell you the types of orchids based on the type of growth.

Based on The Type of Growth

Monopodial Orchid

This orchid has only one stem and just one growing point. The flowers grow from the tip of the stem. These orchids can be propagated by stem cuttings and seeds. For example: Vanda sp., and Phalaenopsis sp. (Phalaenopsis).

Simpodial Orchid

This orchid has more than one growing point. New shoots emerging from around the main stem. Flowers may appear at the top or side of the trunk, but there are also emerging from the roots to stay. The stem store water or food reserves pseudo bulbs. This orchid can be reproduced by a split, separation Keiki, seed. Example: Dendrobium sp., Cattleya sp.

types of orchids 1

Knowing the type of orchid is an essential thing if we are going to start to maintain the orchid. By knowing the exactly what kind of orchid we have, we can give the best way how to care our orchid. for more clarity in distinguishing species of this orchid types, I also attach an illustration (as you can see above) of Monopodial Orchid and Simpodial Orchid.