Planting Orchids for Beginner

Gardening is a hobby with many advantages. It is relaxing, enjoyable, and of course the flowers make your garden become beautiful. There are thousands variant of flowers all over the world, you maybe confuse which one you prefer to plant. One of the most popular flowers is orchid. Orchidaceous have biggest variations in the world, with hundreds kinds of shape and colors. They also can grow everywhere from dry to humid climate area. So, are you interesting on plant orchids and discover their beauty?

The first thing you have to notice about plant orchids is their type separate into three type of orchids based on where they live and grow. The first type is terrestrial orchids that live on the ground. However, many do not grow in the same soil that we might think of as soil. The second type is epiphyte orchids which grow in trees. And the last are Lithophytes orchid. These kind of orchids make home in the rocky places or slopes.

After you recognize which kind of orchids you want to plant, you need to choose which media and orchids pot you need. There are three types of pots that are orchids able to grow. The first one is plastic pot. If you are interesting to plant orchid indoor, plastic pot suitable for this kind of orchid because it’s lightweight. But you need to be careful because it made of plastic tends to dry out more than clay pot, it might make the root become putrid. And then there is terracotta pot which made of clay, wood and ceramic. It may more stable you don’t need to worry it will easily broken. The last is basket pot that made of plastic, wood, and pottery.